Why choose gludara?

Fast absorbing natural formula to support healthy glucose metabolism.

All Natural

Gludara only uses natural ingredients. No harmful leftover by products.

Fast Absorption

Incorporation of Banaba extract along with alpha-Lipoic acid into self-emulsifying delivery
composition lead to much better absorption and increased efficacy.

Promotes Weight Loss

Alpha-Lipoic acid and vitamin E in self-nanoemulsifying system exhibit pronounced antioxidant properties and synergism with Banaba extract in glucose lowering and weight control

Adavia Pharmaceuticals

We specialize in natural remedies to help control glucose levels.

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Gludara 60 Softgels

Fast-absorbing natural formula to support healthy glucose metabolism.

The team behind the development and launch of Gludara.
Slavik Evdosin

Slavik Evdosin

CEO / Founder

Slavik combined his passion for business and pharmaceuticals to develop a new natural solution for glucose control.


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